Rescuing Owls and Owl Rehabilitation

Local, National & International conservation

The owls trust works throughout the world in the education and conservation of owls. Here in the UK we rescue and rehabilitate injured, wild birds of prey and abroad we help to conserve some of the rarest owls in the world. Currently we are leading the Dominican Republic owl conservation project to save the Ashy Faced owl from extinction and also helping to conserve the Brown Fish owl from Sri Lanka.

Owl Education Programme

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Owl Education

Owl Education Programmes

Helping Learning, Helping Owls.

The Owls Trust Education Programmes present exciting and informative events to a variety of audiences. These include schools, civic groups, retirement homes and environmental organizations.

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Ashy Faced Owl

The Owls Trust Abroad

Working overseas to save Owls.

The Owls Trust Abroad is the programme through which the Trust takes its conservation objectives very seriously indeed. As a Charity and a Zoo we feel we have a huge obligation to stop species from sliding into an unstoppable decline.

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Lancashire Hub

Saving Owls Nationally.

In 2009, Ian homed his first owl from the charity; a Barn owl named Pebbles & so began the Lancashire Hub. Ian became a Trustee of the charity in 2011, followed by Lynette who became a Trustee in 2013.

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Monty in Flight

Owl Rehabilitation and Release

From Injury to Freedom.

Each year The Owls Trust receives a huge number of owls, hawks and falcons requiring remedial care. Many have been shot, caught in traps, entangled in barbed wire, poisoned by toxic chemicals, hit by cars, collided with power lines or orphaned.

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the owls trust - how we use your money

EVERY PENNY you contribute through donations or adoptions is SPENT ON THE OWLS

Adopt one of our Owls

  • adopt an howell, north wales bird trust, the owls trust,


    Howell is one of a kind. He is a single species.
    Some owls, like the Scops Owls, have over 40 different species throughout the world. Not so with Howell, the Northern Hawk Owl. He has the eyes of a hawk, the long tail and the mean brow of a hawk. He even has the stripey T-shirt of a hawk. But Howell is an owl. He has the specialized facial disc of an owl and the feather taloned boots of an owl.

  • adopt an owl woodii, north wales bird trust, the owls trust,


    Woodii is from Africa and she lives in the woods. With her dense bronze and red tones highlighted with heart shaped white spots, she really does wear her heart on her sleeves.

  • wyddfa-1


    Our gorgeous male Snowy Owl, Wyddfa, is a really handsome chap. He is usually very placid and calm but in the Spring breeding season he can be very fierce in protecting his territory and his mate.

  • Wallace 1


    Despite the name, Wallace is definitely a girl. (It is quite hard to tell boys from girls when they are tiny bundles of white fluff).