What Kind of Owl?

Eurasian Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo)

Where in the world

Right across Europe and Asia except for UK and Northern France through to Germany.

Adopt Aled Adopt Aled as a Gift Fundraise for Aled

Aled is one of our oldest owls though still in his prime! He was hatched in 1984 and we can expect him to live till he is fiftyish in 2034!!

Aled belonged to a falconer but, being quite a sensible sort of owl, he couldn’t see the point of flying to and fro to earn his supper so the falconer had no use for him anymore. He came to us for a more settled life and has delighted visitors ever since. He really likes to be admired and stroked and is very, very gentle despite his size! He does enjoy his baths though.

If you choose to adopt him he will reward you with a warm welcome when you visit! He was given no love for a number of years – he needs lots now to make up for a bad beginning.