What Kind of Owl?

Barn Owl Tyto alba

Where in the world

Every continent except Antarctica. They are the most widely distributed bird in the world though under threat in many places including the UK.

Adopt Delyth Adopt Delyth as a Gift Fundraise for Delyth

Delyth, the youngest of our Barn Owls at the Sanctuary, was around four years old when she was rescued. She had been owned by someone who had neglected her very badly and finally the council stepped in and said she had to be removed.

When we got to her she was frightened, traumatised and very hungry. She was only half of the weight she should have been. After months of care and lots of TLC, she is now happy and healthy and has started visiting schools.

She was given no love for a number of years – she needs lots now to make up for a bad beginning.