Douglas and Danielle

What Kind of Owl?

Canadian Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus wapacuthu)

Where in the world

Northern Canada.

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Douglas and Danielle are wonderful parents! Danielle is an attentive and caring mother and has successfully raised a large number of chicks. Douglas takes his duties as father very seriously indeed protecting his family and making sure they are well fed. The escape of Danielle one year is now legendary as are Douglas’s parenting skills whilst she was away!

However, as well as behaving just as wild owls should, they are both interested in the people who visit them. Douglas is particularly keen to talk to everyone who pauses outside his aviary!

They are members of an unusual sub-species of Great Horned Owls that come from the North of Canada and are much paler and greyer than the ones seen further South. We are proud that our two are helping to maintain a healthy captive population so that if it is ever necessary to reinforce or renew the wild populations we can do so.

Adopting either or both of these magnificent owls will be helping our conservation programmes.