What Kind of Owl?

Kookaburra or Laughing Jackass (Dacelo gigas)

Where in the world


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Though Sheila is not an owl she is one of the most loved birds in our collection. She came to us many years ago in a very sorry state having been kept in a small parrot cage. She was thoroughly miserable and had lost many feathers including all of her tail. Now just look at her and see what proper care and lots of love can do!

She is happy, healthy and ready for a game! She loves a ball to play with but can make her own toys out of things she finds – lumps of wood and stones are great favourites.

If you become one of her supporters you might even be able to help feed her when you visit! She will certainly greet you with at least a chuckle and, if you are lucky, her full throated cackle of manic laughter!

They love her in Australia of course….!!