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Photo of head of male white breasted barn owl.
Do you believe in ghosts? Picture this. It’s a clear night and you are walking home along a country lane with no streetlights or cars. There’s no one else around. It’s spooky. Your route takes you past a church and graveyard. Suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you think you see a white shape floating above the ground. You dare to look towards it and it disappears. You tell yourself you are imagining things and walk a few more steps. Then the ghostly white shape reappears! It is definitely real, it hovers above the ground, it appears to be flying and then it turns towards you!! Two black eyes are looking straight at you, they seem to be looking into your very soul! GULP! The ghostly shape dives to the ground and then flies up and away. An ear-piercing scream fills the air. You run the fastest you have run in your life. You crash into your house, lock the door and hide. WHAT WAS THAT!

Do you believe in ghosts? Over the centuries, many people have told tales of haunted graveyards and ghostly shapes flying in the dead of night. They say the ghost has two staring black eyes. It shrieks and screams like a banshee but it moves silently. It MUST be a ghost!

Maybe it is but what if it’s one of these!

A white breasted barn owl is most likely to hunt at night. It flies silently, the underside of its wings are white. It has two staring black eyes. When it finds prey, it hovers and then drops to the ground to capture its dinner. Barns owls do not hoot, they do shriek – very loudly. Although their name suggests they would live in barns, they do like church towers – high off the ground, away from predators and they can bring up their young undisturbed.

A reasonable explanation for ghostly goings on? We’d like to think so.

But then, maybe we’re wrong………………Happy Halloween!

Hi there Everyone!


Well I’m back in Llandudno! The people said it was Spring, and Winter holidays were over but it doesn’t look much like Spring to me! It is very cold and we have had quite a bit of snow. Mac tells me that the snow is much worse in Scotland and he is glad he decided to stay in Wales this year.  I heard on the Evening Hoot from Eggbert in Lancashire that they have loads of snow there too!

There are a lot of lambs now at the farm and they are finding the cold weather a bit difficult. This little chap was looking for a warm corner when I had a word with him.

picture of very young lamb

Apparently his Mum can’t feed him so the people are having to give him bottles of milk which aren’t as nice and warm and cuddly as getting Mum’s milk.

I had a chat with Conley who told me he had a lovely day at Bangor University in a Hot House! He went with Huw and Kilmousky to talk to families about owls on the “Wild Science” weekend. Here they are in what looks a really nice place!

picture of three people holding owls with a background of hot house plants


Conley ended up getting lots of attention which he always enjoys!


I’m off now to visit some of the other owls here at Bodafon so I’ll let you know how they are getting on.

Bye for now,


Hi there everyone!

Well it seems we’re all back to “business as usual. There have been a number of families visiting the sanctuary and Aled, Pedro, Teddy and the others have been busy greeting them and talking to the children. Yesterday Kilmousky, Wallace and Huw went to visit the Holiday Club at Tir Nan Og Nursery in Bangor. They had lots of fun with the children who had been making some big pictures on the wall of Christmas and snow etc.

Photo of Tawny owl, Kilmousky and Barn Owl, Wallace with Jenni and Bill at the nurseryPhoto of jenni showing Long-eared owl Huw to the children

They had to take Bill and Jenni with them because Kilmousky still hasn’t found a car he can drive. He says that if only the people would buy one where he could reach the pedals and still see over the dashboard, he would be able to do all the visits himself and leave the people to get on with their jobs. I keep on telling him he couldn’t really drive even if he could get a car that fits him, but he does go on saying he’d be a very good driver. He’s so boastful that one.

Jenni sent me a great picture of Charlie.

Portrait photo of a large European Eagle Owl

You can see he is another European Eagle Owl like Aled but he is much bigger. He came to live with us earlier on this year when his owners decided they didn’t want him anymore. He was very sad to leave his home but he soon found out that we are all a very friendly bunch and he gets lots of cuddles from the people. His aviary is between Iolo and Thomas and Misty and Pearl the Harris’ Hawks so he has plenty of company.

photo of a harris hawk

This is Misty

He also gets visits from Donald Dunnock.

Well, have to stop now!

See you all tomorrow


Hi Everyone,

Goodness I’ve been so busy! The evening hoots have been passing on so many messages I am feeling quite dizzy! The wild Tawnies that live near Jenni’s house even complained to her this morning that they hadn’t been able to get their message through. They asked her to tell me to listen out for them tonight. Mind you, Jenni may have got it all wrong. She’s a bit better than some people at understanding Owlish but she’s not really as good as she thinks!

One really good bit of news is that Connie, the Barn Owl that was in the hospital at Llandudno, is quite better and went home to Conwy at the weekend. I got a hoot through from her to say she was fine and really glad to be back in her fields.

Jenni sent me word from a friend at the sanctuary that a Barn Owl had moved into an old stable at his farm above Llandudno. Brian hasn’t seen him before but he wants him to know he is very welcome to stay there. I’ll try to get a hoot through to the Owl to say “Hello” and that it will be OK for him to live there if he wants. Actually it may be a Her – I’ll have to find out!

Now Mac and Donald Dunnock got very excited because they have spotted the Head of Security obviously on a plain-clothes mission.

A photo of a dwhite dog wearing a beige jacket and poking around in a bush.

He was not in uniform and was spotted poking around in the bushes! I wonder what is going on! Has he uncovered a big mystery?

A Photo showing part of the dog's head with an enormous fringed ear

I still feel those things on his head could be wings in disguise!

I am hoping to get more news of Donald and how he is getting on with Thomas and Iolo. Brook, the Snowy Owl, says he sometimes goes into the aviary she shares with Wyddfa and Emma. He’s quite a lad!

That’s all for now – I have some emails to check over!


Right! It’s Otis again.
I promised to tell you about Delyth.
She’s a very pretty Barn Owl – well people seem to reckon she’s pretty. I prefer smaller browner girls myself. Anyway, she came to live with us a few months ago. When Jenni and Elgan went to rescue her, they found her in a very small, overgrown aviary. Her owner didn’t want her anymore and it was obvious she had not been fed properly for quite some time. The poor owl weighed only about half what she should have done and she was really quite ill.
She was put in the aviary next to mine and I watched over her as she started to eat properly again and got a lot better. I kept talking quietly to her ’cos she was very frightened. She had been stuck in that small space and never given any attention for ages. She is still a bit shy and nervous but we are trying to show her that she is OK here and won’t be neglected again.
I had quite a few visitors today as it’s been dry and sunny. I like it when people come to see me but it’s much better when I go out to visit schools and other groups. Old people especially like me so I get a lot of cuddles and fuss. The school visits are really good fun and I like listening to the talks our people give to the children. D’you know, Pam was saying the other day that there used to be loads of Barn Owls in this country but now there are very few. I think she said this was because people have cut down all the big trees and either knocked down old farm buildings or made them into posh houses for themselves so there’s not so many places for the Barn Owls to live in.

That’s all for now except I thought I’d let you have a picture of me

Me - every inch the Boss!