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Photo of head of male white breasted barn owl.
Do you believe in ghosts? Picture this. It’s a clear night and you are walking home along a country lane with no streetlights or cars. There’s no one else around. It’s spooky. Your route takes you past a church and graveyard. Suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you think you see a white shape floating above the ground. You dare to look towards it and it disappears. You tell yourself you are imagining things and walk a few more steps. Then the ghostly white shape reappears! It is definitely real, it hovers above the ground, it appears to be flying and then it turns towards you!! Two black eyes are looking straight at you, they seem to be looking into your very soul! GULP! The ghostly shape dives to the ground and then flies up and away. An ear-piercing scream fills the air. You run the fastest you have run in your life. You crash into your house, lock the door and hide. WHAT WAS THAT!

Do you believe in ghosts? Over the centuries, many people have told tales of haunted graveyards and ghostly shapes flying in the dead of night. They say the ghost has two staring black eyes. It shrieks and screams like a banshee but it moves silently. It MUST be a ghost!

Maybe it is but what if it’s one of these!

A white breasted barn owl is most likely to hunt at night. It flies silently, the underside of its wings are white. It has two staring black eyes. When it finds prey, it hovers and then drops to the ground to capture its dinner. Barns owls do not hoot, they do shriek – very loudly. Although their name suggests they would live in barns, they do like church towers – high off the ground, away from predators and they can bring up their young undisturbed.

A reasonable explanation for ghostly goings on? We’d like to think so.

But then, maybe we’re wrong………………Happy Halloween!

Hi Guys!

Well! At long last I have been given the sort of job I should always have had! Don’t know why the people at the North Wales Bird Trust took so long to see that I was the best person to run a blog. Surely it was obvious?

 I wouldn’t admit this to everyone, but I’m really quite excited that they’ve shown me how to talk to all my fans. Now I can keep you up to date with all my news from the owl sanctuary so make sure you keep checking in!

 From the nice corner in the walled garden where I live, I can see and hear most of what goes on at Bodafon so we can share lots of gossip. For example, I was listening to Elgan and Jenni talking about a new aviary for the Burrowing Owls. Sounds as if it’s going to be a bit of a palace. If I lean right back and peep through the archway I can just see where they are going to put it. I’ll let you know how it’s going. Should be fun if they start a family there!

 If I stand on the top of my box I can see all the owls on the top path. There’s a new chap there called Charlie. He’s a European Eagle Owl and, my goodness, he’s huge! I’ll have to be very polite to him – though he looks very gentle!! I’ve heard he was rescued and came to live here because his owners didn’t want him anymore. That’s the sort of thing the NWBT people do. There are lots of owls here who needed a new home and the NWBT looks after them all. Maybe I can introduce some of them to you. Check in later and I’ll tell you about Delyth the Barn Owl who lives next door to me.

Lots of hoots and love