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Hi everyone! It’s me again!

Gosh! Hasn’t the weather been horribly wet recently. I’ve been very worried about all the owls living out in the wild. It must have been very difficult for them to get out to hunt recently so they must be very hungry. You see, owls listen for the sounds of mice and voles  scrabbling around on the ground. They have very good hearing and can hear the tiniest sounds but the noise the rain makes, pattering on the ground confuses them. They also get their feathers wet which means they can’t fly very well. I’m all nice and snug here in Ian’s house but I am very worried about the news of flooding in North Wales. I sent Brian down to check on things today so I’m waiting for him to report back.

However I did hear on the evening hoot last night that they have a casualty in the hospital. I believe it’s a Barn Owl that came to grief when a big tree was blown down in the gale at the end of last week. I’ve asked Brian to try to get a photo and the full story.

Teddy the Tengmalm’s Owl, got into a bit of trouble recently He has been sitting on a very dirty stump and got his tail feathers all sticky.

Picture of Teddy just out of the bath

Jenni made him have a bath which he didn’t like much

Picture of Teddy in front of a fan heater with a mug of tea beside him

but he really enjoyed the cup of tea and “blow dry” in front of a fan heater after!

That’s all for now.

Loads of hoots and love.