Owl Rehabilitation and Release

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Owl Rehabilitation and Release

Each year The Owls Trust Trust receives a huge number of owls, hawks and falcons requiring remedial care. Many have been shot, caught in traps, entangled in barbed wire, poisoned by toxic chemicals, hit by cars, collided with power lines or orphaned. With the help of our staff and veterinarians, these birds are cared for until they are capable of returning to their natural environment.

Monty in FlightOn arrival each bird is evaluated and stabilized. Along with veterinarians we provide emergency care including x-ray, surgery, and medical and fluid therapy. We then move to restorative diets and exercise to help the birds regain the use of their wings and hopefully their freedom.

Large outdoor flight enclosures allow these raptors to exercise and regain their independence. When the bird is ready it is, where possible, returned to the location where it was found for release.

Some birds regain their health but can never fully recover enough to live independently in the wild. The Owls Trust seldom permanently homes badly disabled wild birds of prey but sometimes un-releasable birds can provide a unique opportunity for the public to view and more intimately understand these majestic animals.

The Owls Trust. Owl Rehabilitation and Release. A Tawny Owl being fed by one of our team.