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The Owls Trust. Owls Education Progammes. Photo of a Black Barn Owl.

The Owls Trust Education Programmes cater for groups of all ages and abilities.

Owl Education

The Owls Trust Education Programmes

The Owls Trust is a registered Charity based in Llandudno, North Wales. It is a highly specialized centre involved in the care and rehabilitation of birds of prey. We work closely with local veterinary practices and the RSPCA.

The Owls Trust Education Programmes present exciting and informative events to a variety of audiences, including schools, civic groups, retirement homes and environmental organizations.

We can welcome you either here at our base in Bodafon Farm Park, or at your own venue. The aim of the Owls Trust is to heighten awareness of environmental issues and to support special fundraising days across the region.

The Owls Trust Education Programmes offer talks to schools, tailored to any subject in the National Curriculum, Topic Work or Special Projects and can be used to enhance much of your core work.

Members of the Owls Trust will deliver the talk and will touch on a number of subjects, including the work of the Owls Trust and the various species in our collection. We will bring along up to three owls and, if possible, baby owlets. We touch on the environmental problems faced by birds and what to do if you find an injured bird of prey.

The talk can last from 30 minutes to an hour and there is always time for questions afterwards. An experienced handler holds the birds at all times and the audience will be able to meet the birds at the end of the talk.

The animal-assisted therapy programmes offered to hospitals, special needs facilities, nursing homes and retirement centres have been extended. A select group of well-socialized sanctuary owls provide education, entertainment and love to the sick and elderly in our community. Everyone is encouraged to interact with the birds. This is one of the most successful therapy programmes offered to date.

Education can help owls

The Owls Trust has a long record of promoting the importance of conserving the environment and caring about the many creatures who share this planet. Our owls have created exciting routes into all aspects of the National Curriculum by helping learning in a novel way. These packs will help teachers and children at Foundation, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. The activities are designed to help children develop in the following important areas.

  1. Communication; Language; Literacy.
  2. Numeracy; Problem Solving; Reasoning.
  3. Knowledge; Understanding the World About Them.
  4. Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
  5. Creative Development.
  6. Physical Development.

We want children to have an interest in owls but we do not promote the idea of keeping owls as “pets”.

Unfortunately, Harry Potter books and films have given some people the idea that keeping an owl is “cool.” An owl as a pet is neither good for the owl nor good for the child. We would be very grateful if teachers would point this out when discussing owls with their classes.

For more information refer to our Owls as Pets page.

The Owls Trust. Owls Can Help With Education.

Helping Learning, Helping Owls

As part of our owl education programmes, children can meet our owls and our team will be on hand to answer their questions. Our owl education packs will help children have a better understanding of owls, their environment and what we can do to help them.

Owl education programmes continue beyond the children’s first contact with our owls. Our blog has daily news about our owls and continues the children’s (and adults!) owl education.

As part of our owl education programme we regularly use our Facebook page to keep subscribers up to date with what is going on in the Trust and with our owls, please visit us, subscribe to the updates (you will need to LIKE us first, then click again on the like button and you will be able to subscribe to our updates).