Owls as Pets

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Owls As Pets

Keeping owls as pets is a very worrying trend. These birds can make terrible “pets”!

Owls, certainly the larger ones such as the European Eagle Owl, can be very dangerous animals. Inexperienced owners often keep these birds in totally inappropriate conditions. In the wild, the European Eagle Owl is capable of killing a fox by crushing its skull with its feet.

In captivity, it is capable of amputating a child’s finger with its beak. An inexperienced owner should not keep this bird at the end of the garden. It has a 6’ wingspan and a very large aviary is a must if it is kept in captivity.

Many of these birds find their way to The Owls Trust, sometimes in an appalling condition, because their owner was unable to cope.

Birds of prey do not make good pets. Captive-bred, hand-reared owls can be very sweet and good-natured but it must never be forgotten that they are wild animals. They have never been domesticated. They need thoughtful and experienced handling and care.

A brief word about parrots

Some larger parrots are coming down in price. The increase is due to private breeders selling these birds to the public. If you take on one of these birds, it is equivalent to introducing a two-year-old child into the house.

Do not do it unless you are prepared for the commitment. You must bear in mind the age at which some of these birds can live. The longest-lived Triton Cockatoo, in captivity, died at London Zoo aged 92 years!