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Our owls do not receive any funding. They fully rely on donations from people like you.

Barn Owl who fell down a chimney was given a bath.

The Owls Trust Rescue Owls

To do this we need you!

This fabulous Barn Owl had fallen down a chimney. He had a number of baths to carefully remove all the soot from his feathers, ears and eyes.

After 7 days in our care, he was finally returned to his family. As good as new!

(He’s the one with the, still rather grey face, being welcomed back by his partner and surrounded by his young family ).

Sadly this Tawny Owl, who had also fallen down a chimney, was not quite so lucky. It had seriously ulcerated eyes from contact with the soot.

It took many weeks of our constant care to bring this little chap back to life.

But we succeeded and he too has now been released back to where he belongs. And we are happy to report that both these chimneys now have a cowl fitted !

We carry out this sort of work and care for our resident owls, daily.

We cannot do this without help from people like you.

Please consider adopting one of our beautiful owls. Or donate to help us continue rescuing owls.

Above all, come and visit us!

About The Owls Trust

Including Our International Work

The Owls Trust, based atBodafon Farm Park, Llandudno, is a small charity doing a big and important job. We have one of the most comprehensive collections of owls on display to the public in the UK.

There are three main strands to our work. Firstly, we provide rescue and rehabilitation to injured birds of prey. Then, we nurse the wild birds back to health and, when they are ready, we release them back into a suitable habitat. Often, we are asked to step in to rescue “pet” owls. These birds are frequently distressed and in poor condition. When we can we give them a permanent home with us where they can regain a good quality of life in more spacious and appropriate surroundings suitable to their species.

Secondly, we educate young people and older groups about our birds of prey, their place in our environment and how we can maintain their habitats to protect the biodiversity of our countryside.

Finally, we work with international partners to create and maintain breeding stocks of the world’s rarest owls. When imperilled habitats can be restored and protected, we will then be able to enhance threatened populations or even reintroduce new groups.

Currently, we are working with SOFAfrica in Kenya to raise awareness amongst the children of the importance of their environment and how their many owl species are natural pest controllers thus reducing the use of harmful poisons and pesticides. Seventeen owl species can be found in Kenya.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

We recognise the need for an organisation to rescue injured owls and providing rehabilitation to return them to the wild. We aim to provide education to prevent further habitat decline and the loss of owl species worldwide.

Getting Involved

Help Support Our Owls

Adopt an Owl

By adopting one of our owls you will be helping with their care directly. We use every penny of your adoption donation for the care of these owls. You will receive an Adoption Certificate, a photo of your chosen owl, a personal thank you letter, free entry to visit your owl and much more.

We can send our adoption packs anywhere in the world.

Make a Donation

By making a donation you could help us to save the life of an owl. Every penny you contribute is spent on the care of the owls.

We fully rely on your donations for all areas of our work. Your money will help rescue injured owls and birds of prey and help with the rehabilitation of these birds. It will also go towards the upkeep of the owls and their aviaries, our education programmes and our extensive conservation work.


Featured Owls

The Owls Trust. Adopt Delyth, Barn Owl.


Barn Owl
Tyto alba

The Owls Trust. Adopt Kilmousky, Tawny Owl.


Tawny Owl
Strix aluco

The Owls Trust. Adopt Montecello, Forest Eagle Owl.


Forest Eagle Owl
Bubo nipalensis

The Owls Trust. Adopt Orion, Pel's Fishing Owl.


Pel’s Fishing Owl
Scotopelia peli

The Owls Trust. Adopt Woodii, African Wood Owl.


African Wood Owl
Strix woodfordii

The Owls Trust. Adopt Wyddfa, Snowy Owl.


Snowy Owl
Bubo scandiacus

Our Patrons

The Owls Trust Patrons: Sir Quentin Blake

Sir Quentin Blake

Cartoonist, Caricaturist, Illustrator and Children’s Writer

The Owls Trust Patrons: Iolo Williams.

Iolo Williams

Naturalist & TV Presenter

The Owls Trust Patrons: Frieda Hughes

Frieda Hughes

Poet, Figurative and Abstract Painter


The Owls Trust
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12:23 28 Oct 21
Need a few more signs but a lovely place. My adopted owl was away on a breeding programme which is amazing news but it would have been nice to know before making the journey. All the staff love the birds and treat them so well! Very clean. Great work.
Stephanie Alice Gate
Stephanie Alice Gate
14:10 05 Aug 21
I visited with my husband yesterday and we are so pleased we did. There were more animals to see than we expected. We could also feed the llamas, goats and deers which was great fun!The staff are super friendly and the admission is only £2.50 each.I would absolutely return!
Yvonne Hare
Yvonne Hare
15:50 28 Jul 21
This farm/owl sanctuary was absolutely brilliant, I will definitely be bringing the children again. We loved the owls, the deer, the play area and the view ?
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