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At Bodafon Farm you can visit and see some of our owls on display for FREE. So come down, meet our owls and go home with your own owl story.

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Help save the world one Owl at a time by adopting an owl. Adopt an owl and give your loved one, friend or colleague a gift with a difference.

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We believe that everyone should have the chance to experience the magic of Owls. Our education programmes are both inspiring and informative.

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Latest News

Sir Quentin Blake, our new Patron

We are thrilled to announce that in January 2018 Sir Quentin Blake agreed to become a Patron of The Owls Trust. After lunch with Sir Quentin, his staff and “Woodii” our owl we returned to Llandudno, humbled. What an extraordinary man !

The World Wide Web and our Owls

A day at The Owls Trust including all of the wonderful and crazy things we do. Who knew ?

Owls, ghosts and noises in the night

Do you believe in ghosts? Picture this. It’s a clear night and you are walking home along a country lane with no streetlights or cars. There’s no one else around. It’s spooky. Your route takes you past a church and graveyard. Suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you think you see a white shape floating above the ground. […]

Life with owls is never boring

Owls sit still most of the time. Not so their human carers. For us, life is never dull and always busy. Our amazing collection of birds of prey has been growing rapidly. It now includes 45 owls, ranging from European Eagle owls to South American Pygmy owls, Harris Hawks, a Tawny Frogmouth and, of course, Sheila our very noisy Kookaburra […]

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    Howell is one of a kind. He is a single species.
    Some owls, like the Scops Owls, have over 40 different species throughout the world. Not so with Howell, the Northern Hawk Owl. He has the eyes of a hawk, the long tail and the mean brow of a hawk. He even has the stripey T-shirt of a hawk. But Howell is an owl. He has the specialized facial disc of an owl and the feather taloned boots of an owl.

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    Woodii is from Africa and she lives in the woods. With her dense bronze and red tones highlighted with heart shaped white spots, she really does wear her heart on her sleeves.

  • wyddfa-1


    Our gorgeous male Snowy Owl, Wyddfa, is a really handsome chap. He is usually very placid and calm but in the Spring breeding season he can be very fierce in protecting his territory and his mate.

  • Wallace 1


    Despite the name, Wallace is definitely a girl. (It is quite hard to tell boys from girls when they are tiny bundles of white fluff).

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