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Monticello, apart from being a very beautiful boy, is also one of the rarest owls in captivity.

He started life in the zoo in Berlin where efforts to breed from him failed as no females became available. He then went to Italy where the search for a female has also drawn a blank. As he was hand-reared in Berlin zoo he has been brought to us in the UK to allow more of the public to meet such a very rare owl.

We only know of one other of this species in captivity in the world and he is also a male, however, rumours are that we will have better luck finding him a girl in the Far East! Fingers crossed he will have his mysterious partner soon! At 21 years old it is still possible for him to have a family.

Common Name: Forest Eagle Owl

Latin Name: Bubo nipalensis

Conservation Status: Scarce and threatened.

Wingspan: 800-950mm

Weight: 1300-1500g

Lifespan: 25-50 yrs (in the wild)

Diet: Other birds, animals like deer and zebras.

Average Litter Size: 1 egg.

Habitat: Dense primary forests from lowlands to mountains. Up to 3000m In the Himalayas.

The Owls Trust. Adopt Montecello, Forest Eagle Owl. Distribution Map.

Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Himalayas

The Owls Trust. Adopt Montecello, Forest Eagle Owl.