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Delyth, the youngest of our Barn Owls at the Sanctuary, was around four years old when she was rescued. She had been owned by someone who had neglected her very badly and finally the council stepped in and said she had to be removed.

When we got to her she was frightened, traumatised and very hungry. She was only half of the weight she should have been. After months of care and lots of TLC, she is now happy and healthy and has started visiting schools.

She was given no love for a number of years – she needs lots now to make up for a bad beginning.

0Common Name: White Breasted Barn Owl

Latin Name: Tyto alba

Conservation Status: Least Concern. Not globally threatened but many island populations are threatened or vulnerable mainly due to loss of habitat. Under threat in the UK.

Wingspan: 850–930mm

Weight: 240–390g

Lifespan: 4-15 yrs in the wild, upto 20 yrs in captivity

Diet: rodents and other small mammals – predominantly voles, mice and shrews

Average Litter Size: 4-7 eggs.

Habitat: The greatest concentrations are found in low-lying arable areas near coasts where prey is abundant. The Barn Owl nests in hollow trees, buildings and crevices in rocks.

The Owls Trust. Adopt Delyth, Barn Owl. Distribution Map.

Found almost everywhere in the world except for the polar and desert regions, Europe, Americas, Australia, Asia north of the Himalayas, most of Indonesia, and some Pacific Islands.

The Owls Trust. Adopt Delyth, Barn Owl.