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Charlie is one of our oldest owls though still in his prime! He was hatched in 1984 and we can expect him to live till he is fiftyish in 2034!!

Charlie belonged to a falconer but, being quite a sensible sort of owl, he couldn’t see the point of flying to and fro to earn his supper so the falconer had no use for him anymore. He came to us for a more settled life and has delighted visitors ever since. He really likes to be admired and stroked and is very, very gentle despite his size! He does enjoy his baths though.

If you choose to adopt him he will reward you with a warm welcome when you visit! He was given no love for a number of years – he needs lots now to make up for a bad beginning.

Common Name: Eurasian Eagle Owl

Latin Name: Bubo bubo

Conservation Status: Under threat throughout their range where they come into contact with man.

Wingspan: 160-190cms

Weight: 2–3.5kg

Lifespan: 15-20 yrs (in the wild), upto 65 yrs (in captivity)

Diet: Mammals, chiefly rabbit and hare, but have been known to take roe deer and foxes which they kill by crushing their skulls with their huge, powerful feet.

Average Litter Size: 1-4 eggs.

Habitat: Open woodland in mountain foothills up to an altitude of 4,500m. Although sedentary, this large owl requires a territory up to 10km in diameter. The Eagle Owl nests in ground scrapes usually among rocks.

The Owls Trust. Adopt Charlie, Eurasian Eagle Owl. Distribution Map.

North Africa, Europe, Asia and Middle East.

The Owls Trust. Adopt Charlie, Eurasian Eagle Owl.