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Otis is pretty much our most important owl at the Trust. He thinks so too!

He is only about 4” high, we have had him almost since he was an egg and he has more supporters and is better known than any of us. He has reached a huge age for such a tiny owl but never disappoints anyone.

His love of munching on spiders, his delight when you tickle him at the back of his ears and his patience when you just want to cuddle him is legendary.

Of course he still doesn’t think he has enough followers! He thinks he is the last Collared Scops Owl in the UK. All the others seem to be Indian Scops Owls.

Common Name: Collared Scops Owl

Latin Name: Otus bakkamoena

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Wingspan: 158-188mm

Weight: 100-170gg

Lifespan: 11-12 yrs (in the wild)

Diet: beetles, grasshoppers, insects, lizards, mice, and small birds

Average Litter Size: 3-5 eggs.

Habitat: Woodlands And Jungles.

The Owls Trust. Adopt Otis, Indian Scops Owl. Distribution Map.

China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, And Taiwan, Himalayas.

The Owls Trust. Adopt Otis, Collared Scops Owl.