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These owls were bred in 2004 in the Dominican Republic at Zoodom the only Zoo in the DR. The Ashy Faced Owl is only found in Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic and Haiti. No where else on earth……..!!
The Owls Trust has been asked, because of our work to save the Ashy Faced Owl in the DR, to look ater Zoodom for a whole month whilst the Zoo Director cannot be there.
Owls in the DR are beaten to death (Voodo) and those found in Haiti are eaten. This is an island owl. It has no where to escape to.
The government of the Dominican Republic (Zoodom) has offered us 15 days in a safe hotel. We need more………!!
We have asked STEVEN FISHER the Brithish Ambassador for the Dominican Republic and Haiti to help us. He is leaving his post in October but he tells us he cannot help……….despite the fact he hosted the only owl as a guest of honour at a British Embassy at the Residence last year………!! Her name was “ANNA” rhe Ashy Faced Owl.
If we do not take some of the owls away from Hispaniloa…….this will be another owl specie that is lost forever. But we could save it…!! The Dominican Republic Owl Conservatopn Project has been a part of the Owls Trust for many years.
it is very scary in the DR……..the Haitians condider them to be fair game. The Dominican Republic Government have given us 15 days somewhere safe. Steven Fisher, our UK Ambassador has chosen not to help us.

What do you guys think we should do……….??

(1) North Wales Bird Trust

It is called PIP (Squeak) and will be 10 weeks old on Thursday when he will have his final vacinations. His first public outing will be at the weekend at Bodafon Farm Park to meet his owls. (Almost all of whom are bigger than he is at the moment..!!)
“007”……..our renagade Eagle Owl flew away with a wild rabbit at the Farm today. He didn’t catch it, one of the farm dogs did. But “007” took the advantage………and a great meal…..!!
If you have the time do come and see us at Bodafon. We have great Owls, daft dogs and we enjoy every minute…..! Or join the fun by adopting one of our “inmates”.

North Wales Bird Trust's photo.
North Wales Bird Trust's photo.
North Wales Bird Trust

Nonsense….we were very privilged to introduce our owls to her.
Try doing a “bow” when you’re holding an owl……impossible…..!!
She was very interested in our Long Eared Owl.”Huw”. She has heard them on occasions at Balmoral but had never seen one.
“Huw” was very impressed….! Nope..we were very impressed.
All of us at the Owls Trust are royalists now. She really is extraordinay…!!

burrowing owl

“Stumpy” would just like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped to support us by adopting an owl at THE OWLS TRUST this month. He is a bit cross because he only got two adoptions.
“Teddy” Tengmalm’s got three…..!! We have told “Stumpy” that we just need people to come to meet him in Llandudno and he will become a star. SADLY we didn’t tell him he comes under “THE BORROWERS” (HIs mum, dad and extended family on our ADOPT page). ………you could make his life very special by beating “Teddy” Tengmalm’s and just adopting him………! Come to Llandudno and meet him.