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Howell is one of a kind. He is a single species.

Some owls, like the Scops Owls, have over 40 different species throughout the world. Not so with Howell, the Northern Hawk Owl. He has the eyes of a hawk, the long tail and the mean brow of a hawk. He even has the stripey T-shirt of a hawk. But Howell is an owl. He has the specialized facial disc of an owl and the feather taloned boots of an owl.

If you combine all of these extraordinary weapons, we simply have the unique and fabulous Howell, the Hawk Owl! Howell came to us at around two years old and a little uncertain about people. He was hand reared. We will do our best for him.

Common Name: Northern Hawk Owl

Latin Name: Surnia ulula

Conservation Status: Generally uncommon with some populations particularly endangered due to heavy deforestation in recent years.

Wingspan: 840-980mm

Weight: 250-310g

Lifespan: 10 yrs (in the wild)

Diet: Voles, small birds and other rodents.

Average Litter Size: 3-7 eggs.

Habitat: Northern forest clearings. Found in Northern north America, northern Europe and northern Asia.

The Owls Trust. Adopt Howell, Northern Hawk Owl. Distribution Map.
Europe, Asia, North America, Canada
The Owls Trust. Adopt Howell, Northern Hawk Owl.